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FlareGet is a download manager and accelerator. The application’s interface is so similar to those of other downloaders that you can hardly notice the difference. This is definitely an advantage if you already have some experience with these tools.

FlareGet provides a more convenient way to download contents compared to most downloaders that come with Internet browsers. In this regard, it is good news that it classifies your downloads by file type and status, which lets you find the desired contents more easily. Moreover, you can even add new extensions to the categories. Yet, I would have liked to be able to create my own categories as well.

The application can also speed up downloads by using multiple download threads, which means that up to 16 segments of the same file can be downloaded simultaneously. Not only that, it also supports batch downloading so you do not need to wait until a job has been completed to start the next one. In addition, the tool is very robust in terms of resuming downloads even after serious events, such as power crashes. Unluckily, though, it cannot resume FTP downloads.

The product has some other useful features, such as the possibility to schedule downloads to start at a particular time, which lets you minimize the negative impact of the resulting traffic on your browsing speed. Likewise, this program is compatible with practically all popular Internet browsers, so it automatically replaces their built-in downloader. Luckily, there is also a site manager that allows you use passwords and cookies in case the site you are downloading contents from requires them. Finally, this tool can also strip the links to YouTube video and download them successfully.

All in all, FlareGet has most of the features that are common to other products of the same type. In fact, I cannot see any really outstanding difference that could make me change the download manager that I have been using for years (which is free, by the way). However, I will not discourage you from trying FlareGet. After all, it does not have many limitations, except that it cannot download complete websites and does not support torrents.

Pedro Castro
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  • Dowload resume support.
  • Multithreaded downloads.
  • Organizes jobs into categories.
  • Batch downloads.
  • Integrated into most popular browsers.
  • Password and cookie management.
  • YouTube downloads


  • Does not allow creating customized categories.
  • Cannot resume FTP downloads.
  • Cannot download complete websites.
  • Does not support torrents
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