FlareGet accelerates your downloads by splitting files in multiple segments
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Default download managers on web browsers are rudimentary. They work, but they are slow and if a download fails, one needs to restart it from the beginning.
FlareGet aims to fix these issues by increasing the download speed and offering various features. It is a multi-platform download manager that integrates well with browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. However, it doesn't support Microsoft Edge. If you use this web browser, then FlareGet will not automatically capture your downloads.

One of the major advantages of FlareGet lies in its ability to automatically organize the files that you download. For example, files such as DOCX and PDF are automatically placed in the category Documents. You can also create your own categories as you see fit. One major downside of this approach is files are only filtered according to their extension. It's not possible to automatically put all files downloaded from a certain website to a specific category.

In order to increase the speed of the downloads, FlareGet virtually cuts files into small segments and initiates a download for each segment. This means that it downloads multiple parts of a file at a time, which considerably improves performances, especially on sites that offer a low download speed.

All in all, FlareGet is a great download manager, which delivers on its promises. Yet, it cannot capture downloads from Microsoft Edge. If you use this browser, then you might want to wait for an update, or look for another download manager.

John Static
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  • Easy to use
  • Automatic categorization
  • Really increases download speed
  • Integration with all the major browsers


  • No Microsoft Edge integration
  • Need to manually add some formats so that they are captured
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